Buy Property In Dubai | Buyers Guide For House-Hunting Journey In UAE
Buyer's Guide

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  • 1. Define Your Needs

    If you have finally decided to buy a home in Dubai, you need to know the purpose of the property. The purpose could be anything, such as investment. Hence, you need to do your homework. Here, homework means performing some calculations, which may include hidden fees & charges, identifying your monthly mortgage repayments, etc. Also you need to determine the type of property, means you need a villa or an apartment. Besides that, you need to identify what location would suit your needs. Of course, it is somewhat critical. Also it makes sense to know and understand all the pros and cons of a property before pouring your money into it.

  • 2. Explore Communities and Properties

    It is always advisable to properly examine and research all communities within Dubai. You must check out the Area Guides in order to know and understand the lifestyle on offer in each region. You can also browse through Verified Listings before speaking to certified real estate agents. They will help you in your property search. At the end, your budget, needs as well as lifestyle preferences will determine which region and community is right for your living.

  • 3. Get Your Finances in Order

    It is always important to consider financing options, when it comes to shortlisting homes. It makes sense to know your savings, status of liquid status or is there any need to apply for a mortgage? Obtaining mortgage pre-approval can provide you with peace of mind. It also makes sense to shop around to assess available the best option. It is wise to speak to a Mortgage Finder to get clear cut picture.

  • 4. Understand all Hidden Costs

    If you want to stay away from fearsome surprises, just empower yourself with the knowledge and all the associated cost of your purchase, both upfront and ongoing. Buying a home or property in Dubai requires in-depth thinking and planning. There are numerous charges levied by government bodies such as the Dubai Land Department (DLD), real estate agents and mortgage lenders. In addition, you may need to consider additional costs or ongoing annual expenses such as maintenance costs, service charges, etc.